Rural Business Incubator Project ,Department of Rural Development, Govt of Uttarakhand

Nurturing Innovations, Empowering Entrepreneurs:

Kalakriti and RBI Project, working hand in hand for the growth and success of Uttarakhand's rural business ecosystem.

The RBI project ,under Dept of Rural Development, Govt of Uttarakhand is a collaborative initiative aimed at fostering the growth and success of young entrepreneurs, budding startups, and nano enterprises in Uttarakhand. It is designed specifically to provide support, guidance, mentorship, and training to individuals with innovative business ideas.

At Kalakriti, we strongly believe in empowering the entrepreneurial spirit and nurturing innovation. Our mission aligns perfectly with the RBI project, and we are thrilled to be a part of this wonderful initiative. With our extensive experience and expertise in supporting startups and small businesses, we are confident that this collaboration will have a transformative impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Uttarakhand.